Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Project 7 Kinnetic

FROM PAPER TO SCREEN from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

Choose a piece of text/dialogue from a speech, book, spoken word piece, poem, audio book, etc. Transcribe the sound into words, or record the words into sound, and have both the sound and words ready. You will then animate the text and sound in After Effects. The final movie must be at least 15 seconds long (try not to be more than 25). Bonus points if you write and record the audio yourself.

I am going to have to say no movie or TV show dialogue, as the dialogue doesn't really make sense if you haven't seen the show in most cases.  Plus those mediums already have a strong visual component, I want you to create a visual from something that does not have anything visual associated with it.  No song lyrics either, because most song lyrics are not that profound if you remove them from the context of the song.

When/What do I turn in?

Due at the end of the day April 19th  (MWF) or April 25th (TR), to be turned in as a Quicktime movie file and on youtube.


Read text on the page, by nature, is a time based process. Some read fast while others read slow. While your project is taking audio from a specific source, the way you present the audio visually is your way of making the piece your own, and directing the viewer. By doing this assignment, can you change the meaning of the text through motion?

Type and supporting shapes are allowed only. Focus should be on type. You need to indicate in the video whom the quote or poem is by at the end or beginning of the sequence.

Sources, consider TED talks, alternatives to TEDgraduation speeches, audiobooks, podcasts, stand up comedy, other lecture based websites

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