Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Project 1 Re-Create

You ever do that throwback Facebook thing when everyone posts an old picture of themselves?   What if we tried to recreate the past, what if we where who we were then but now?  Follow? I would like to work from a project started by web designer Ze Frank. Basically the purpose of the project is to find an old photo of yourself as a child and restage it, as much as humanly possible, as an adult, without too much digital effects. Here are some examples online.

When and what do I turn in?

The old and new image on Friday (1/20) if you are in the MWF class or Thusday (1/19) if you are in TR class.

You will come to class prepared with both photos, the original in some digital form (the actual file or a link from a webpage), and the 2017 version. Then we will put both on the computer and use the images as a starting point for our photoshop/web design lecture.

What does it all mean?

If your original images go back far enough, you probably don't really remember the time the person clicked the shutter of you. However, you know you remember this one moment in time because the photograph validates it. So do you really have a memory of a moment or a memory of a photograph? If the photo didn't exist would you remember it the same way? Basically memory, like identity, is a construction, so really this project is just an explicit example of how we look back at the past through the eyes and mind of an adult.

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