Thursday, February 16, 2017

Project 4 Vector

Take an image of an object that you own that you are fond of.  Something that is of particular importance to you.  The object should be not too easy or not too complex.  You will place this photo into illustrator and trace it using the shape and pen tools in Illustrator in class.  

You should understand the following Illustrator basics, the move tool, the direct selection tool, lasso, pen tool, convert anchor point, brush/penicl, shape building, mesh tool, color palette, 

Your tool could be a plant, a tool, something from the antique store, just something that you think is interesting looking visually.  It is recommended you bring a couple ideas to class.  Remember you will be rebuilding these objects in Illustrator with drawing and shape stacking.  

Project due: end class of Tuesday 2/28 (TR class) and Monday 2/27 (MWF class)

Please bring an image of an object(s) you care about to class on Mon or Tues next week  

Final works must include a graphic background, shading, and completed fill coloring.

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