Monday, March 20, 2017

Project 6 Loop

You will create a GIF Animation in photoshop of the style of a digital collage, but with motion.  Fell free to mix up various styles from retro to realistic, HI def to VHS video, digital to hand drawn...make something that is works as a looped short video.  
For this assignment you will build 2 GIF animations in Photoshop; it is similar to the digital collage but with motion. Approach the GIF format as a timeline on a continuous loop: can you make something that uses this idea of repetition?

The theme for this project is "the Human Condition".  What are the things we do in our daily leaves repeatedly that effect our moods and outlook, for better or worse?  How can we visualize something through repetition that gets at the essence of our existence.  You must name each gif based off the emotion you are trying to capture. Be true to yourself.  The more specific and honest your work is the more engaging it will be.  
GIF assignment specs:

– document size: 480 px on longest side, 72 dpi (this can be achieved at export)
-gif may be created with video photos, or stop motion, or all of the above
- no obvious copyright material
-gif named after specific emotion
- due beginning of class Tuesday 4/4 (TR CLASS) or Wednesday 3/31 (MWF CLASS)


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