Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Project 3 Composite

Jessica Wascak

This assignment will be constructing a photomontage by compositing different digital images together to form both a coherent design and to suggest new forms of meaning behind the images.  In this assignment you will take a high resolution portrait image (preferably .tiff)  from the Library of Congress.  You must find a portrait, however it maybe be full figure or not.  You will fully cut out the portrait image from it’s background and place it in a new photoshop document.  

Your new Photoshop document must be 11 x 14 inches at 300 ppm.  Keep in mind the resolution of the image you are downloading to avoid quality loss.  In this document, I want you to create a composite using the older photo with your own photographic imagery and design sensibility to create a modern interpretation of the portrait.  

When is it due? 

You will present your work and turn it in at the start of class on Thu 2/16 (TR class) or Wed 2/15 (MWF class)


Portraits can tell stories about people, but in ways that rely heavily on photographic signifiers.  Facial expressions.  The background.  The clothes, the light/color, everything is part of the story.  

Consider using the portrait subject as an avatar for an imagined character, or a self portrait.  Consider using empathy to try to illustrate the “true” character of the portrait.  

While you want your image to be cohesive, you do not need to make a photo realistic composite.  

Consider expressive use of design elements such as line, texture, and color.  

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