Monday, January 23, 2017

Project 2 Glitch

Glitches, pauses, beeps, sweeps, and creeps...these are the artifacts that occur when our digital media break down.  I like to think of it more like the digital media we are gazing upon is taking the opportunity to show us it's means of construction.  Sometimes these moments are temporary glitches, sometimes they make our image, data, game, etc unreadable.  This project is learning how to embrace, create, and control those chance moments to make new images.  The purpose is to continue to learn how digital works are constructed through hacking code, and to continue the themes of the last project of play.  These works will also introduce an embrace of random results which can be rare in our heavily controlled media environments.  
What is due and when:
Create a series of glitch art pieces (minimum 3).  These works can be audio, video, or photo based.  Please be prepared to present three finished works at the beginning of  class 1/31 (TR class) or Wed 2/1 (MWF class)
Ideas to consider:
Fan artParody, Media Critique, Satire, Databending, Glitch ArtTranscoding
Watch and Look at Artists to look at for inspiration

The Art of Glitch | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios 

Glitch Artists Collective
Jehad Nga, The Green Book Project
James H. Connolly
Rosa Menkman
Daniel Temkin
Phillip Stearns 
Joseph Nechvatal
Nam June Paik

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